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DIY Post: Beach Stone Necklace












One of my favorite pastimes in summer is talking walks along Lake Erie.  Whether with friends, family or on my own, I get wrapped up in the beauty of the water and the items it washes ashore.  From beach glass to special rocks, I’m always picking things up and taking them home with me.  The beach glass sits in a mason jar in my kitchen and the rocks often find themselves in my flower pots.



On a recent trip to Fairport Harbor with my family, I picked up these pretty stones and couldn’t wait to do something special with them.  Here is a little how to for displaying your pretty beach finds.

Jewelry Craft Pliers
Multi-use Wire Snips
Craft Wire
Premade Necklace Chain – try Etsy Supplies or your local craft store
Findings – Jump Rings
Pretty Stones
Cut an 8 inch piece of wire and make a small loop.

Twist about three times giving the loop a tail.  This will add strength and stability to the loop.

Determine which side of the stone you want to have in the front and place that wire loop in the back.

Wrap the wire around the stone as tight as possible, crossing the two tails over one another and adding a dab of super glue for extra security.  Once your stone is secure, snip any excess wire.

Add the beach stone charm to the necklace chain using a jump ring and Voila!  A pretty, and natural, necklace to wear all summer long

Special thanks to my friend Adam Taseff ( for taking these pretty photos!

xoxo, Shelley

{Shelley Turk is the owner and designer of Stitched & Wired. Her handcrafted goods and blog can be found at}

DIY Post: Get Inspired

In a world of Pinterest and blog posts, How To’s and crafty madness is everywhere.  And just like writing a great blog post, DIY-ing is most appreciated when the idea is original and creative.  Although, I love following along to another’s directions, I often find the end result is much more celebrated when it comes from my own trial and error versus someone else’s!

Here are some tips and tricks to stay inspired in a world of been there, done that:

Follow DIY bloggers – Yes these individuals have wonderful creative ideas, but they also know amazing techniques and products for every project.  If it weren’t for Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess, I would have never met up with my best friend Mod Podge!!
Build Vision Boards – Utilize Pinterest, a spot on your fridge or a folder on your computer desktop to gather photos and moving images.  I love to collect things like home accessories, jewelry, hair and makeup, and furniture on my Pinterest.  These beautiful images keep my spirits up for a long time and generally provide inspiration for my next project.
Team up with a friend – If you think a project is too daunting, team up with a friend that has a different skill set.  For furniture building, I like to team up with my creative manager Adam.  He knows power tools and is great at building puzzles.  So I bring the drift wood and he makes things happen!  Together we master the project with flying colors and gain knowledge from each other.
Never give up! – I have laughed through MANY How To’s.  Sometimes you have an idea and it just doesn’t go the way you planned.  Just keep your head high and your mind open.  The resolution with come to you and most likely with beautiful results!

A How To should never be stressful.  So let loose, put on your creative cap and have some fun!!

DIY Post: Book Planter











There is a store in Cleveland, Ohio that I often stop into for display inspiration and other aesthetically pleasing merchandise. Room Service (Link: ) is a locally owned and locally sourced shopping experience on the West side of town and presents some amazing store displays.  On my recent visit there I noticed these adorable book planters.  Thankfully, the store manager Jennie was willing to pass me the link to learn to make this myself.  Apartment Therapy featured this post in 2011 and I think it’s time to revisit!

Please visit the link HERE for supplies list and full directions.

TIP: If you’re a book lover like me, this might seem difficult to do.  So I made sure to choose a book at the thrift store that was barely hanging on – spine was breaking away and the back pages were rippled from moisture.

{Shelley Turk is the owner and designer of Stitched & Wired. Her handcrafted goods and blog can be found at}