Personality Post: Introducing Charlie!


Hey There! My name is Charlie Townsend. I am from Jackson, MS and my interests include music (any kind as long as it’s good), food, podcasts (This American Life being my favorite), Suits, hot English Breakfast tea, long stories, soft drinks (also hard drinks), sunflower seeds, TV on Blu Ray, Tie bars, my couch, Esquire magazine, quiet evenings, rowdy evenings, and fine carpentry.
Here at Libby Story I am the Retail Designer and Production Builder. My job is to help give the stores their look as well as to design and produce original, hand made pieces that will be sold at our various locations. These designs will be a variety of pieces for use in your home (or office) such as tables, chairs, hanging wall art or accent pieces, lighting fixtures etc. Some will be rehab pieces, some original builds. All will be made with an accent on vintage style usually with a rustic flavor
Along those lines you will soon be seeing some brand new lines of furniture coming out of the LS factory very soon. Each line will be handcrafted and designed so that no two pieces are exactly the same.

Happy Holidays & stay tuned for more updates….


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