We are fashion lovers, vintage seekers, craft makers, hard workers and most of all individuals. Libby Story is all about the unique creative spirit in each of us.

Libby Story strives to provide apparel, accessories, decor and service in such a way that each customer feels their outfit or purchases were tailor made for them. We provide small batch-runs, one-of-a-kind and vintage items to ensure our customers can build and express their creativity and individuality with our products. We also emphasize creativity in our stores and on our website (www.libbystory.com) through art, DIYs, crafts and one-of-a-kind displays to provide a creative environment for our guests to enjoy.

Libby Story was established in 2004 by John Hunter and Libby McRight and was inspired by Libby’s maiden namesake. The first store opened in the heart of the Mississippi Delta where Libby was raised and where she saw a need for a creative and fashion-forward company on the scene. Libby’s deep connection with her Grandmother and her Grandmother’s closet played a large role in incorporating vintage items and furniture into her first store. Her charming craftiness and wit atop of her killer handmade jewelry line made the store an instant success. This success made the launch of additional stores across the state a no-brainer.
Still constantly and unceasingly crafting, creating, designing and dreaming, Libby is truly the essence of the Libby Story girl.

The Libby Story girl is independent and confident. She is creative and has a large imagination. She likes to make things and has no qualms with getting her hands dirty and trying something new. In the same sense, her style is unique and she loves the hunt of finding items and styling outfits in a way that’s all her own.

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