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Music Post: MS Bands You Should Listen to


Dear Paste Magazine,

We are so very in love with this article and write up on musicians of our great state and huge fans of the whole 50 states series!  And, wow, we must say you have great taste.  Many of these talents have been long-time favorites of ours, and others we are so happy to have discovered now thanks to you!

<3 the girls at Libby Story

To our readers- Go read this full article! Really, do it. Now. Click HERE and take pride in all the great sounds coming out of Mississippi. Not from Mississippi? Follow THIS LINK and find great artists from your own state!

Music Post: An Exclusive Interview with The Lumineers


If you haven’t already noticed our complete outward adoration for The Lumineers, here’s your chance to jump on the bandwagon. Read our exclusive interview with Jeremiah  below, listen to their amazing tunes, fall into their lovable trap and come out to see them play in Jackson next Tuesday.

(Photo Credit:  Jade Ehlers)


How and when did The Lumineers come to be and where did the name come from?

The Lumineers came to be 3 years ago. Wesley and I were playing music together in New Jersey for about 3 years BEFORE The Lumineers ever came to be. He and I were playing a gig one night in Jersey City, and the MC that night thought we were called The Lumineers. Hence, he introduced us as such. Apparently, The Lumineers were playing a gig in that venue next week. We were given the name you could say ;) We moved across the country to Denver, found Neyla our cellist on Craiglist, and the rest is history.


Where do you draw inspiration from when writing music?

I draw inspiration from sitting down at an instrument, usually piano or guitar and try and work on stuff. Whether it’s an old idea, or completely brand new, I enjoy working on attempting to creating something. I rarely, if ever, try and cover other people’s songs. Inspiration can come from anywhere technically. I guess for me, anything that moves me, whether good or bad, is a good start to draw inspiraton from.


Do any of you do any other kinds of art?

Wes works with other artists to develop our merch ideas. Neyla likes to watercolor animals and create children’s books sometimes.


Do you ever get your own songs stuck in your head? (I know our creative team can’t seem to get them out!) If not, what song can you currently not help but hum?

I guess right now I have the only thing I have stuck in my head is that Gotye song. It’s EVERYWHERE!!! Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!


You have an incredible tour ahead of you, but what would you like to be doing after that? Where are you hoping to be in five years?

After this long tour? I’d like to be asleep. In 5 years? On tour.


You all are obviously immensely talented when it comes to music, but do any of you have any hidden talents? (Breathing fire, lion tamer, mind reader, etc.)

Haha. None of us have any hidden talents. Sorry.


Lastly, any words of wisdom you can share with other creatives?

Work hard at it like it’s a job. Don’t think of Art as something that you wait to happen.


(A big thanks to Jeremiah for sharing! Come on out & support The Lumineers with us next Tuesday. And, make sure to tune in to the blog next week to see our photos from the show and to hear about our show experience!)